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Meaning of VEXATT numerology analysis. This stands for association and the union of couples. It stands for duality in all categories(male or female). Symbolizes the partner in relationships. Related to female manifestation, whose esoteric meaning is the duality and fertility.

Astrologically it is ruled by the Moon and relates to the sign of Cancer. The power of this number denotes emotions and duality, but these qualities are at the same time its strengths and its weaknesses. People who channel these energies have high sensitivity for both, their own feelings and those of others. This sensitivity can often prevent the manifestation of his own talents.

Endowed with a great intuition, clairvoyance sometimes can add to its many qualities. Often you know intuitively what people want or feel. Able to be very diplomatic and discrete. Naturally patient and cooperative. They have a sense of beauty, balance and rhythm. However excessive emotionality can become an obstacle. An extremely delicate ego can be easily hurt. That is why negative or critical comments will be hard to handle. Since their ego can be easily hurt, they tend to hide their own thoughts. This can cause resentment, bitterness and give life to internal conflicts. In the emotional area, these people are passionate and sensitive lovers, always aware of the needs and desires of your partner.

However, when you feel like your good nature has been abused you can resort to using vindictive personal criticism. Great diplomatic skills and talents of organization let you perform difficult tasks! Able to be manipulative, often the power behind the throne. Not always receiving the deserved rewards for his work. His role is often underestimated. People with this vibration don't like being alone, usually avidly seeking the company of others. This excessive need leads them to an excessive dependence on others. Other defects that often appear are the lack of confidence, shyness, negligence and indecision. The main qualities of the two are to be consensual, helpful, friendly, warm, loving, tender and diplomatic. The life of this path usually revolves around partnerships, associations or professional relationships, which are all places where your qualities in human relations can shine. You need safety and comfort. Peace is found in a calming atmosphere and in the company of their loved ones. When they find their place in life, they have all the talent and intelligence to succeed.

Try to find work that allows you to develop your sensitive nature! Your personality is balanced, diplomatic and excellent when it comes to resolving conflicts between others. VEXATT is a good negotiator and mediator in professional and personal life. Sensitive, gentle and respectful, usually also protective of their beloved people. Clinging to material goods won't bring you happiness. In everyday life showing an appearance of independence.

But behind the curtains it is often overly sensitive, vulnerable and needs attention. It is in a relationship of trust where you can open up emotionally and feel as comfortable. Always friendly with people surrounding him who offer support and love. Emotional security is very important. A strong desire of perfection can eventually prove to be very critical of other people, by quickly designating others defects and errors. Despite having a strong tendency to tell others what to do, it is very important for you to be part of a team. This person will not feel good in solitude and has a strong need to be in a relationship or be part of a team. This desire often drives you to set aside some personal needs.

Feeling neglected if you find yourself in the background or think that your efforts and actions are not recognized and appreciated.

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