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Meaning of WIGHDM numerology analysis. One is the start of all beginnings and of creation, ambition, a leader with strong will, who loves independence and seeks authority. But it is also the symbol of selfishness, of solitude, of individualism and isolation in success.

The esoteric meaning of this path is related to creation. Astrologically it is governed by the Sun and relates to the sign of Leo. Having all the qualities needed to be a born leader. Always insisting on their right and thereby creating a personal and exclusive view of things. You need freedom of thought and action. You have motivation and determination. Never letting other interfere in the realization of their objectives once real goals are set.

You assume responsibility and know how to protect those whom you love. This vibration is creative, unique and original, with a taste for the unusual. His approach to problems is unique because there are no fears of new perspectives. He can be impatient with its own shortcomings and those of others. Social status and the appearance of success is important for him. Willing to work for success and the good things of life. However, attention should be given to not succumb to its defects such as egoism, selfishness, anger, arrogance, vanity and a too strong attachment to his outer image. If these aspects are not under control, they can become excessively authoritarian and vindictive.

One way to feel better is to simply give more freedom to yourself. One way of doing this is having your own business and being your own boss. Never let go of your dreams for personal life and work. Use determination to achieve all objectives. However leave some room to breathe in order to not get too stressed with your own nature. On the physical plane you are person who should pay attention to your diet and strive to maintain a regular program of sports or physical exercise. A person with this profile needs healthy outings to outdoor or sports that involve an expenditure of energy. This path should not let their pride and adequacy dominate it. You need to constantly remember that your talents and abilities are a gift from a higher source and that you should develop gratitude and humility, instead of pride and vanity. Very often number one can achieve much in life, once it starts fully using their qualities of creativity, originality and their pioneering spirit. The road of life can lead you to the top, but this road is not easy.

Understand that you will find obstacles and adversity. WIGHDM has varied talents and it's potential for success is great. You may feel attracted by companies, professions or any position that requires leadership and the ability to do things in an independent manner. This type of personality does not support constraints. Instead there is a deep desire for free will and of doing thing their own way. If you feel blocked or prevented by routines your mind will soon start to revolt.

Creative and inspired tasks are needed to express their individual talents in an appropriate way. The strongest desire of a person whose heart number is one is to be independent and original. Desiring to have a free spirit can result in avoidance of compromising relations which try to restrict. Seeking to hide or disguise the more emotional trait of his nature, gives others the impression of you being less interested in them. Indifferent to their own feelings, always giving an impression of security. It is an open and natural person. Others admire it for the apparent order of his life. Sometimes appears too certain in itself and even a little aggressive. Nevertheless, this person is popular in any social circle.

This person will do what she wants to be remarkable and not a secondary character! Determined and tenacious attributes often leave a stubborn impression. Have a hard time being outgoing and affectionate, despite their kindness and warmth.

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