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Meaning of WIGHDK numerology analysis. The connection between matter and spirit. These letters stand for material, money, power, ambition, strength, intelligence and courage. But it also represents pride, intolerance, domination and impulsiveness.

Esoteric meaning leads us to the representation of material life and the spirit as two circles intertwined for infinite life. Astrologically it is associated with the planet Saturn and the sign of Capricorn. It also represents the material life cycle where the greatest victories follow large failures and where after progress comes decline. This path needs you to face a permanent evolution where it is necessary to master and overcome flaws and imbalances.

Equipped with a power of natural leadership you have the ability to create and accumulate wealth. Great talent for management in all areas of life, especially in business and financial matters. Naturally knows how to maneuver the material world intuitively. Everything that results in progress or decline is considered in his undertakings. Your talent is not in accounting or in day to day management, but rather in forecasting of the future and an ability to set goals for the long term. A visionary who is a little reckless at times. You have the ability to motivate people to join in your quests. Others are often unable to see what you see.

Therefore those who surround you often need some extra advice and motivation. Financial success is attracted towards you more than any other number, but effort is necessary. Your challenges in life is to reach a certain degree of detachment and understand that power and influence should be used primarily for the benefit of humanity. You have to learn that money has only relative value in order to avoid falling into greed, that would run the risk of losing it all. It is not uncommon for this number to meet bankruptcy and financial failure due to excessive greed. That is why one should not involve his ego in financial affairs or attempt to repair money errors or deficiencies of the past. You have ability, talent and courage to make more than one fortune and build many successful companies. Often reckless in love life, marriage failures can end up very costly. Despite the difficulties that life presents, you will try to get satisfaction through power and material wealth. Business, finance and real estate transactions are some of the occupations that suit WIGHDK best.

These vibrations are naturally attracted to positions of influence and leadership, where their skills can shine. Inspite your jovial nature, you usually are not very demonstrative regarding loving and emotional issues. Social status is very important. Or is it? Your preference for luxury and comfort is particularly strong and it shows. You should avoid living beyond your means. The eight can feel interference for others, liking to keep some control and dominion over things.

Careful of becoming arrogant, this may isolate you or create conflicts. Arrogance is often the cause of your undoing, since people who feel most wounded are your loved ones, family and friends. Also beware of not being overly stubborn, proud, intolerant and impatient. Finally, try to maintain a balance between the material and spiritual life. Dominating your shortcomings and imbalances will help you achieve significant goals. Your great capacity for success comes largely because one of the important goals in your life tends to be financial security. It is a strong person who sets himself goals and won't be stopped before achieving them. Always working hard you expect the same from all peers and colleagues. Relationships may be affected by this character trait.

This person is professional and ambitious. He knows what he wants in life and will do everything possible to achieve it. Ready to work tirelessly to reach your goals. You have great organizational capabilities, yet sometimes lack self criticism.

What Does WIGHDK Mean? Letters Defined


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