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Meaning of WIGHDH numerology analysis. This path is a symbol of freedom, change, mobility, strength, adventure and dynamism. But may also indicate frivolity, instability, recklessness, excess and eccentricity.

The esoteric meaning is life. In astrology it is associated with the planet Mercury and the astrological signs of Gemini and Virgo. A personality that is built on freedom. You love travel, adventure, variety and to meet new people. There exists a strong sense of curiosity that leads to new experiences throughout your life. Constantly seeking change, by doing new things and being open to new horizons. Liking to be involved in several things at the same time.

You can easily make friends due to your optimistic personality. Often a source of inspiration for others, while attracting people from different social levels. You know the emotional value of words and have an incredible ability to motivate others. Especially talented for all activities that requires verbal skills. Alterations in plans do not annoy this person. Instead you like work that requires frequent travel. You are sensual and know how to savor life. Although you find it difficult to engage in a relationship, once you take the step you are able to be faithful. These vibrations may bring forth a lack of discipline or order. It can also result in impulsive decisions which might be regretted later on.

Frequently you do not control your sense of freedom and succumb to your strong need for adventure, which can lead to problems and different excesses. Different adventures have resulted in a variety of different versatile skills. However, discipline and concentration, which at times are missing are the true keys to your success. Without them, many of the tasks or aspirations will remain unfinished and without that you will never realize your full potential. Hard work and perseverance creates unlimited possibilities! Sometimes you simply need to experience life until you can actually engage in any of the professional or sentimental areas. What does this mean? This paths challenge is to learn the true meaning of freedom. In your world, change is constant, which requires a good deal of adaptability on your part. Try to maintain a program of sports and physical exercise to keep your body in shape. The flexibility and strength of your body will significantly contribute to feeling security and confidence.

To feel good fives need variety and stimulation. Changes are essential to your nature and enable you to zoom out of boredom and routine life. It might be difficult to stay at the same job for a long time, because life consists of so many routines. WIGHDH is always in search of something new. In general you are smart, funny and charming. Who has this numbers influence in their personality is so busy building their future that they sometimes neglect the present. There often exists a lack of concentration.

You need much movement and change, until you can create unreal situations. This need for diversity can become agitation. These people have a great capacity for communication. Lively conversations are normal, because you always have something interesting to say. Aware of everything that happens in the presence of their surroundings. Loves a hectic social life and has many friends in general. It is difficult to stay long in one place, so you try to flee boredom and routine situations. Loving holidays and travel. You have an adventurous spirit. Whoever has the five as the number of the heart naturally tends to be a people person. Above all getting along easily with those who have the same intellectual, artistic and emotional desires. All studies and exciting topics interest you.

There are fears that life passes you by without you seeing the wonders the world has to offer. Those fears lead you from one relationship to another in search of the perfect companion(but nobody really is perfect). Fidelity is not your strong point, but once you take a leap of faith, you are able to be faithful. Provided the relationship is not full of routines and offers excitement.

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