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Meaning of WIGHAS numerology analysis. The stability and the practical spirit. Four is the symbol for construction, realization, of the concrete, order, stability and organization. But also of intransigence, rigidity, stubbornness, imbalance, obsession and pessimism.

Esoteric meaning of this path related to the earth. In astrology, it is ruled by the planet Saturn and associated with the sign of Capricorn. A very convenient person with both feet on the ground. He is methodical, organized and systematic. Always uses a logical approach to problem solving. All solutions to problems are found step by step. Once committed, they won't give up easily.

Hark work is used in order to build a career and establish a solid foundation for life. You have great potential for success, because of your precise, tenacious and persevering personality. But only if you are capable of overcoming the limitations and obstacles that are found so often. Justice and honesty are sacred for him. Friends know you as reliable and secure. Although you are not an idealist, you are willing to work for a better world. However these vibrations can also be rigid in their views. Sometimes you judge too quickly over people close to you. The four is loyal to those who he loves and works well with others. When it becomes part of a team it becomes important to have clearly defined duties and responsibilities.

Works best when their responsibilities do not overlap nor are confused with those of others. Highest potential for success is especially good in areas such as banking, accounting, management, organization, construction, agriculture, science, law and jurisprudence. However, be careful not to be rude and overly authoritarian. Your exceptional discipline and strong perseverance are not things that everyone can follow. Able to handle money with care and safety which results in reserves of money. But because of paths systematic nature, you can easily become rigid and attached in existing dogmas. You can also be too cautious when changes or fast modifications are needed! This can cause you to lose some opportunities where strong change is needed. People of this path should cultivate the flexibility of their character. Adapts very well to a marital status and often becomes a loving, responsible father. However, everything that violates its deep sense of order, such as separation or divorce, can be a terrible experience for him.

Looking for your own definition of justice you can become obsessed and may even harbor feelings of revenge. But you are brave and suitable for survival in difficult circumstances. The person born with this destination has a strong practical sense and is firmly rooted in reality. WIGHAS has a strong ambition and pursues its objectives with determination to achieve them, although this may cause you problems in other areas of life.

Overall you remain faithful to what you know and are opposed to changes. Sometimes you can get trapped by routines. You are an organized and effective person, who likes to follow a routine and clings to it. His life must develop smoothly, since crises disturb him greatly. Efficient worker, who is sometimes too hard on itself. Relationships sometimes feel affected because you tend to dislike distractions. You do not feel comfortable taking time off and refuse to leave work. Conservative and traditionalist views can make you seem distant and limited. Often distrustful in regards to people with different standards, or whose actions are unpredictable from your point of view. Who has this heart number is usually someone reliable and solid. He likes to know where he stands in regards to other people.

You are reserved and prefer to work behind the scenes, since you don't like to be in the center of attention. A shy and sensitive person. You need a safe and peaceful family life where to relax. You can cope with the needs of family life. Family will always occupy a prominent place.

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